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Wearables Party Photos

Wearables (3yrs +) 1 hour This is the most common Birthday Party package I do. Everything made at this event can be wearable. Choices include an infinite variety of hats or bracelets. Not only does wearable balloon art reduce the popping that can occur with your standard twisted balloons, but it also leaves guestsโ€™ hands free to do other things. Some of the Wristables that are available include: butterfly, frog, turtle, snow globe, t-rex, eagle, and even a vacuum cleaner! (Approximately 15 children)

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Strolling Balloon Art Photos

Strolling Balloon Artist (3yrs +) 2-5 hours This is your standard line twisting balloon artist. Your Balloon Man, Mr. Fudge, will awe and amaze any crowd with his crazy bubble building skills. Mostly multiple balloon shapes, Mr. Fudge does his best to not duplicate any of the figures that he makes. Every person that recieves a balloon will get something unique and special just for them. (Aproximately 1 balloon per every 3 minutes or 20/hour)

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Advanced Balloon Twisting Balloon Photos

Advanced Balloon Entertainment $200 for the 1st hour **$125 for any additional hours Your Balloon Man, Mr. Fudge will be entertaining at your event while twisting Advanced balloon sculptures for the guests.

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Alien Invasion Party Photos

Alien Invasion Party (5yrs +) 1 hour Just like it sounds, Mr. Fudge will turn your event into the next Roswell Incident. Every child will have a different alien. Skateboarding aliens, hitchhiker aliens, 3-eyed drooling aliens, and even alien princesses have been spotted running through a party or two! (Approximately 15 children)

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Balloon Deliveries Photos

Balloon Deliveries for Special Occasions If you are in the greater Tampa Bay area, Mr. Fudge, Your Balloon Man, will create and deliver custom orders to surprise those special people in your life. For more details, please call. Photos may be sent via email to give you a better idea of what is available.

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Princess Party Photos

Princess Party (5yrs +) 1 hour The guest of honor will be decked out from head to toe with a princess crown, dress, heart scepter, and ear rings โ€“ all made out of balloons! Each guest will receive crowns and wands, made of balloons of course. If there is a little dragon or prince in the midst, a dragon costume or prince attire can be made as well. (Approximately 15 children)