Your Balloon Man, Mr. Fudge   

Why hire Mr. Fudge as your children’s birthday party entertainer?

Mr. Fudge can turn your child’s birthday party into an event they will always remember. With over 16 years of experience, Mr. Fudge knows how to bring out the excitement in your birthday party. “I work very hard to make the most creative, eye-catching, and realistic balloon sculptures I can while keeping both the children and the adults entertained,” says Mr. Fudge. “I make the parents look like geniuses for hiring me. The kids have fun, adults are amazed as I twist, and all the while the birthday mom is receiving praise left and right about how awesome their birthday party is.”

Planning a Children’s Birthday Party?

Whether it is the child’s first birthday or the first birthday that you’ve planned, it can be difficult for many people. Parents want the absolute best for their child and they want everything to run smoothly at their first birthday. Mr. Fudge has worked countless first birthday parties and will make it memorable for you and your guests. If there is a theme, Your Balloon Man can even make customized figures to match.

How long do I hire Mr. Fudge?

This will depend greatly on what it is you are looking for. For basic balloons, it might be 2-3 minutes per child. For intermediate balloons, it will be closer to 3-4 minutes per child. Birthday parties with more children might take more time. Mr. Fudge has packages for as little as 10 children and can work from there. Expect approximately 10 balloons per half hour. Also, figure on about 2/3 of all the children under 3 wanting a balloon. (Okay, it’s not the baby that asks, but the adults. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all want their child to get a special balloon like all the other big kids.)

Who should I expect wants a balloon?

If you have teenagers, it will be hit or miss with balloons. If they are reserved and don’t think anything is cool but what comes out of their mouth, then they might not be interested. However, if they are bubbly, outgoing, and like to joke around – Expect them to want a balloon too.

Many adults love balloons too! “Very often I have parents and neighbors coming over and requesting balloons at parties as well. Sometimes they won’t let me leave until I’ve made them their favorite Disney character or crazy hat out of balloons,” says Mr. Fudge. Take into consideration adults when planning for entertainment as well.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary slightly based on what it is you are looking for. The range on prices account for the fact that we have Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level performers. We also have different types of entertainment, such as balloon artists, magicians, jugglers, fire performers, and face painters. So, depending on what it is you are actually looking for, prices may differ. As a general rule, we suggest you budget between $125 – $200 per hour per performer to be on the safe side. Also, when hiring multiple performers or for multiple hours, ask about discounts as well.

What other performers do you have for birthdays?

Your Balloon Man specializes in providing the highest quality entertainment at the lowest possible prices. That being said, we strive to find only the most qualified performers available. “When you perform as many shows as I do, you really start to see what high quality entertainment is,” says Mr. Fudge, “and I love to pass on those great referrals to clients that call me. It makes me look good. It makes them look good. And, I love seeing birthday party moms get all the praise for finding such superb entertainment.”

Some other entertainment we can refer includes: Balloon Artists, Jugglers, Magicians, Face Painters, Temporary Air Brush Tattoos, Fire Performers, Clowns, Live Animals, Glitter Tattoos, Hair Wraps, Henna Art, Space Painting Demonstrations, Fushigi Artists and Fushigi Demonstrations, Bouncy Houses, Tasteful Belly Dancers, Real Live Mermaids and just about any other type of entertainment you can think of!

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